In this FittedToFish episode, Baitmaster Buka Harris will be sharing some tips on how he likes to present live shrimp to Tripletail. This can be an extremely popular style of fishing depending on the time of year.

In this episode of FittedToFish, Captain James will be going over the new one-piece stainless steel guides by Penn! This new guide they've developed will allow you rods to last longer no matter which rods you purchase in Penn lineup.

In this episode of FittedToFish, you are going to learn all about when and where to use baitcasting reels in the saltwater. This is a skill most saltwater anglers don't pay much attention to but can be extremely helpful when it comes to sight fishing all major inshore species.

In this FittedToFish episode, captain James will be sharing some of his best tactics on how to catch more redfish during the fall season. It's extremely important that you adjust your style of fishing depending on the time of year to make sure that you still have success out on the water no matter when you go fishing.